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14 patents, including

• P.J. Coleman, A. Walji, Q. Dang, D.J. Bennett, S.-D. Clas, J. Wai, J. Balsells, H.Y. Wu, R.L. Smith, R. Nofsinger, R.I. Sanchez, “HIV treatment with amido-substituted pyrimidinone derivatives” WO2014014933A1, US Pat. Appl. US2013/050715.

• S.-D. Clas, R. Naccache, Y. Hongshi, J. Murry, N. Variankaval, “Alternative forms of the phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitor N-cyclopropyl-1-{2-[(1 oxidopyridin-3 yl)ethynyl]phenyl}-4-oxo-1,2-dihydro-1.8-naphthyridine-3-caroboxyamide” US 8552193 (8 Oct 2013).

49 refereed publications, 15 preprints and abstracts, including

• J. Siepman, A. Faham, S.-D. Clas, B.J. Boyd, V. Jannin, A. Bernkop-Schnürch, H. Zhao, S. Lecommandoux, J.C. Evans, C. Allen, O.M. Merkel, G. Costabile, M.R. Alexander, R.D. Wildman, C.J. Roberts, J.-C. Leroux, Lipids and Polymers in Pharmaceutical Technology: Lifelong Companions”, Int. J. Pharm. (2019), 558, 128-142.

• I.T. Raheem, A.M. Walji, D. Klein, J. Sanders, D.A. Powell, P. Abeywickrema, G. Barbe, A. Bennet, S.-D. Clas, D. Dubost, M. Embrey, J. Grobler, T.J. Hartingh, D.J. Hazuda, M. Miller, K P. Moore, N. Pajkovic, S. Patel, V. Rada, J.D. Schreier, J. Sisko, T. Steele, J.-F. Truchon, J. Wai, M. Xu, P.J. Coleman, “Discovery of 2-Pyridinone Aminals: A Prodrug Strategy to Advance a Second Generation of HIV-1 Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitors.”, J. Med. Chem., (2015), 58 (20), 8154–8165

• R. Nofsinger*, S.-D. Clas*, R.I. Sanchez, et al., “Design of Prodrugs to Enhance Colonic Absorption by Increasing Lipophilicity and Blocking Ionization”, Pharmaceuticals (2014), 7, 207-219.

• S.-D. Clas*, C.R. Dalton*, B.C. Hancock*, “Calorimetry in Pharmaceutical Research and Development” Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology, J. Swarbrick, J.C. Boylan (eds.), Marcel Dekker, Chapter 35, (2013), pp. 368-382.

• S.-D. Clas*, K. Lalonde, K. Khougaz, C. R. Dalton, and R. Bilbeisi, "Detection of a Minor Amorphous Phase in Crystalline Etoricoxib by Dynamic Mechanical Analysis: Comparison with Raman Spectroscopy and Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimetry", J. Pharm. Sci., (2012), 101(2), 558-565.
More than 80 oral and poster presentations - 32 of which as invited speaker, including

• S.-D. Clas, “Why Amorphous Solid Dispersions? Or Why Not?”, Invited Lecturer, Conference: Lipids and Polymers in Pharmaceutical Technology: Lifelong Companions, Les Journées Galéniques de St. Rémy de Provence, Fondation Gattefossé, 5-8 Sept 2018.

• S.-D. Clas, et al. “Chemistry and Formulation-Enabled Drug Delivery Tools: Enabling Discovery”, Invited Lecturer, Pharmaceutica 2014, San Antonio, TX, 23-26 Mar 2014.

• S.-D. Clas, D. Dubost, “Strategies Towards Assessment of Prodrugs as a Means of Improving PK of Drug Candidates”, AAPS Webinar, 05 Sept. 2013.